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January 30, 2014

Authenticating Users To Your Site Using OAuth/OpenID Provider in ASP.NET MVC

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Peter Mbanugo

Do you want to allow users to login to your site via an OAuth or OpenID provider such as facebook, twitter or google? I’ll show you how to do this easily using SimpleAuthentication.

SimpleAuthentication is an ASP.NET library that makes it really simple for developers to add Social Authentication code to an ASP.NET application. The library only deals with authentication , once you get the user details for the person logging in, you can do whatever you want with that (such as, create a new user or update an existing user). You can take advantage of the Glimpse plugin so you can see what magic is happening under the hood if you need to debug. You can install it via Nuget, and it supports MVC3, MVC 4 or NancyFx project types.

Follow the steps below to add it to your MVC 4 application:
1. Install the Nuget Package for MVC 4.

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January 6, 2014

Required Automatically Enforced On Input Tags in Internet Explorer

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A month ago I discovered an odd behavior while regression testing a web application. When I typed the exact value that is in the title attribute of an input tag the field became required disabling form submission until the value was changed. The new behavior had me stumped until I realized it only happens in Internet Explorer 10 and greater.

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