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March 20, 2014

CSS3 Table-less Page Layout

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For years CSS scholars taught that tables are for displaying information while div and span tags are designed for layout. Unfortunately CSS3 fails to provide a simple set of properties that can make table-less layout adoption popular. In light of the complexity required to support a table-less page layout most developers continue to use tables for page layout. Today’s post offers an alternative option addressing the pains of table-less page layout.


January 6, 2014

Required Automatically Enforced On Input Tags in Internet Explorer

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A month ago I discovered an odd behavior while regression testing a web application. When I typed the exact value that is in the title attribute of an input tag the field became required disabling form submission until the value was changed. The new behavior had me stumped until I realized it only happens in Internet Explorer 10 and greater.

October 25, 2013

jQuery Support for IE 10 XMLHttpRequest

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In my previous article, Undefined XMLHttpRequest.responseXML.xml, I explained that IE 10 no longer returns an XML Document object for xml responses but instead returns a DOM Document. Today’s post is a continuation demonstrating how to get an XML Document from a web service using jQuery.

September 21, 2013

Microsoft SQL Server Call Stack: Adding The Missing Oracle Feature

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A call stack can be an invaluable tool for any developer’s toolbox. The call stack shows from point-of-entry to the currently executing procedure what methods were called giving helpful hints as to where a problem in the logic hides. While the call stack is readily available to an Oracle object via the DBMS_Utility.Format_Call_Stack method, as of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 there is no such capability. In today’s article I will demonstrate how to make your own DBMS_Utility.Format_Call_Stack method in SQL Server.

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